La Lola Capitulo 130 Telenovela

La Lola Capitulo 130 Telenovela. Avance La Lola Capitulo 130 Telenovela Online will likely be broadcast on telemundo 11 Agosto 2011. Dont miss your selected novel most recent weeks. The videos are linked just after the live broadcast and therefore are top quality, enjoys replacing Clone your preferred novels and all novel here. I think you will enjoy all of this video and dont forget another again to check out the subsequent episode because each episode features a story interesting and suspenseful.

Sinopsis Of La Lola :
Ramiro "Lalo" Padilla (played by Juan Gil Navarro) could be the director with the media company "High Five", editor in the famous magazine Don, and contains women around him. Romina (played by Marcela Kloosterboer), that is fond of Lalo, decides to punish his insufficient resolve for her. She hires a witch to cast a spell on him, which turns him into a very beautiful woman, as Romina wanted him to understand it is just like for a lady who is being harassed.

Lalo (now played by Carla Peterson) awakes being a woman, in a condition of utter confusion. However, Lalo's friend Graciela ("Grace") Neira (played by Muriel Santa Ana) believes her story and helps her cope. Grace tells her to not give up and gets her women's clothing, which at first she refuses to wear. But Grace gets her dressed and sends her to be effective.

Some time and place will not be a problem for anybody who always aspired to stick to the development of this telenovela. Wherever you happen to be, office, home, college, school or perhaps in canteen is not going to hinder you to definitely keep to the story of Lalola telenovela because I am going to present all of Lalola telenovela stories each chapter.
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