El Elegido Capitulo 130 Telenovela

El Elegido Capitulo 130 Telenovela. El Elegido Capitulo 130 Telenovela transmitted live on telemundo. Dont Forget to watch your chosen telenovela. Have you watched the previous chapter?? or else yet, make sure you to find out it so as not to be confused to adhere to the chapter this time around. Dont be ashamed to return to this website to watch every one of the El Elegido Telenovela Movie.

Sinopsis El Elegido :
El Elegido Telenovela Online tells the tale of Andres Bilbao (Pablo Echarri), an ambitious lawyer who's married to Veronica San Martin (Leticia Brédice) and who may have an autistic child named Alma Bilbao (Maite Lanata). From a modest family, Andrew can be a professional connection to Oscar Sosa missed Nevares (Lito Cruz), the law firm where he works.Andrew from poor families, the cost-effective environment just isn't too rich, so who knows what living in poverty.

He squeezed through a life of luxury and wealth should be for each other immediately gone through by her, married her, who experienced bpd in the personality. For the efermedad, he suffered harassment and became very nervous and insecure, meaning, every once in awhile, think your husband didn't want, who only married her for cash (as he pleased rich) and that's cheating with another woman.
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